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SPIB Planer Operator Course

Red Oak, VA
2020 Course Canceled

All 2020 Training Courses have been canceled. The 2021 Course Schedule will be made available soon.

Hendal Price is the instructor for this course. Hendal, a former SPIB Special Projects Coordinator and Planer Specialist, uses his vast experience to teach, both in the classroom and in hands on demonstration on the machine on site. The course covers most brands of the modern fabricated steel electric driven machines, plus the cast steel framed conventional machines. Differences in the specific design and set up of all the different brands of machines are thoroughly discussed. Topics include proper alignment and daily set up, mill layout and mill flow, efficiency rates, proper feeding, lumber defects, and maintenance requirements. The Saturday session is hands-on with the mill planing machine to include test running and lumber defect evaluation. This course is designed to benefit new operators, experienced operators, maintenance and quality control personnel, mill supervisors, and even management who want to better understand planer mill equipment, efficiency and flow in the mill, and how to evaluate machine defects and their causes.


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