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Southern Pine Inspection Bureau introduces Data Connection, a powerful tool that provides lumber subscribers with valuable, detailed information which supports industry professionals' decision-making process. Recent upgrades to Data Connection give subscribers even more power and flexibility in compiling information, analyzing trends, and producing accurate reports.

Data analysis is more important than ever, and the key is getting timely, reliable, and useful information. SPIB is leading the way in the softwood lumber sector by gathering and presenting data in a way that is both innovative and effective. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to access and analyze data, highlighting opportunities for improved product conformance and cost savings.

Subscribers match their company's performance against industry benchmarks to better understand their position regarding comparable businesses. It can also help them identify challenges that affect facility efficiency. Most importantly, Data Connection provides a window to what's going on in the industry today and what effect current actions and trends can have on tomorrow.

As a not-for-profit, rules-writing agency, SPIB is leading the way in applying advanced technology to help all subscribers access valuable, accurate, and secure data. SPIB is committed to providing the information, tools, and technology vital for the industry's overall success.


SPIB is constantly reviewing and upgrading its data tools. The introduction of Data Connection is a significant step forward in applying advanced analytics to the softwood lumber industry. The streamlined design includes detailed dashboards that make it easy to spot trends and identify inefficiencies, plus innovative graphic representations give a clear picture of a facility's performance.

Let's look at two examples of SPIB Data Connection's valuable tools – the Benchmark Report and the Drilldown Report.


The Benchmark Report offers a unique snapshot of the performance metrics for a subscriber over a given period. It also provides easy access to comparative numbers of all SPIB industry data. Other benefits are:

  • Ability to identify improvement opportunities
  • Insights into quality and inefficiencies in facility performance
  • Detailed reports that aid decision-making
  • User-friendly interface

SPIB Data Connection delivers up-to-date, accurate, and reliable data, and the Benchmark Report brings it all together to uncover the story behind the data.


The Drilldown Report provides a high-level overview of multi-facility and individual facility performance, making it possible to spot potential challenges and focus on a detailed view of the exact data you need. The SPIB Drilldown Report also provides these benefits:

  • Multi-dimensional data analysis that explores intricate layers of information
  • Ability to quickly view corresponding inspection audits and images
  • Visual management of key performance indicators in "stoplight" formatting
  • Chronological narrative of inspection comments provides the detail that the metrics alone may not fully uncover
  • Integration of third-party data with subscriber process controls and reporting systems through Advanced Programming Interface (API) capabilities

These reports demonstrate how the combination of comprehensive, detailed, accurate data and powerful reporting tools make the SPIB Data Connection a valuable resource in evaluating facility and company performance.


SPIB is a not-for-profit and overseen by a Board of Governors drawn from the industry. It exists to support the softwood lumber industry through inspections and rules writing and a comprehensive program of standardization of grading and manufacturing practices. Additionally, SPIB offers training courses in various areas to help increase knowledge throughout the industry.

Data Connection is part of continuing efforts by SPIB to deliver resources to its subscribers that help them meet today's challenges while planning for tomorrow's.


Contact SPIB to arrange a demo and learn more about using Data Connection as a powerful tool for success.

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