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Improve Your Knowledge of Lumber Grading

SPIB is excited to offer these unique courses as a way to improve the grading process and the quality of softwood lumber. The courses are tailored for industry professionals, such as lumber graders and lumber quality technicians. However, anyone in the industry with an interest in improving their understanding of lumber grading will benefit from these online courses. Lessons are designed to help students better understand lumber grading rules, grading techniques and different types of defects and characteristics common to Southern Pine, West Coast and Canadian species of dimension lumber. These West Coast and Canadian courses now include lessons, rules reviews, and knot tests for the Light Framing Grades of Construction, Standard, and Utility; as well as Select Structural, and Studs.

Benefits for Lumber Graders

SPIB's eLearning offers these benefits:

  • Improves competency and efficiency of experienced graders as well as trainees
  • Allows mills to train and improve graders as needed
  • Significantly reduces time for candidate selection process
  • Cuts down training time of new graders from months to weeks

Benefits for Others in the Lumber Industry

  • Provides an in depth understanding of how dimension lumber grades are classified and graded, and provides unique insight on how the rules are actually applied
  • Functions as a valuable source of reference
  • Access for a year allows users to complete course at their pace and convenience
  • Saves time and money compared to onsite training classes for sales and support staff

There are two ways to purchase your eLearning Courses:

1) Offline purchase for multiple seats:
If you are a mill looking to make a purchase for multiple seats, please contact April Infinger:
E: aminfinger@spib.org
P: 850-262-9994

Multiple Seats:
5 - 10 Seats - 5% off
Above 10 Seats - 10% off

2) Secure online purchase for a single seat:
If you are seeking to buy a single seat with your credit card, please click on one of the LEARN MORE buttons below, select your course and click BUY NOW to get started.

Southern Pine

Southern Pine

The Southern Pine Course focuses on the grades of Dimension Lumber produced in the Southeast for the Southern Yellow Pine Species group.

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Western Species

Western Species

The Western Course focuses on the grades of dimension lumber produced by mills in the Western half of the US.

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Canadian Species

Canadian Species

The Canadian Basic Course covers grades of dimension lumber produced in Canada. You can also add species identification groups and light framing grades.

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  This program has been extremely useful in reinforcing the grade rules.  

Bryan Smalley, President of SLMA

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