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About the Southern Pine eLearning Short Course

This new short course is intended for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge and understanding of how 2” dimension lumber is graded. Managers, supervisors, planer and dry kiln operators, corporate sales and support staff at companies producing, or pressure treating dimension lumber, are ideal students for this short course. Architects, structural engineers, builders and those involved in wholesale distribution or retail sales of dimension lumber will all benefit from this course.

Southern Pine Short Course
Price: $300.00
Course Includes:
Introduction to 2'' Dimension Lumber
The National Grading Rules System
Origins of 2'' Dimension Lumber
The American Softwood Lumber Standard
Natural Defects and Characteristics of Wood
Manufacturing Defects
Drying Defects
Structural Grades - No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Lumber
Math and Measurement
Basic Fractions for Lumber Graders
Proportion for Lumber Graders
Reading a Tape Measure
Sizing Up the Knots in 2'' Dimension Lumber
Knot Quality, Shapes, and Locations
How to Measure Different Shapes of Knots
Grading Knots Using ''Total Measurement''
Practice Using ''Total Measurement''
Learning To Grade
Grading Rules for No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 Lumber
Putting It All Together

Shorthand Grading Guide SYP

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