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Lumber Grading Rules

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is more than an inspection agency. This Bureau, a non-profit organization, is the medium through which the Southern Pine Industry maintains a broad program of standardization of grades and manufacturing practices, in conformity with the basic provisions of the American Lumber Standard.

The Bureau publishes grading rules under which more than 95% of the production of the entire industry is classified and sold. Its membership accounts for approximately 60% of the total production of Southern Pine. All subscribing mills listed here are authorized to grade-mark their lumber under SPIB.

To qualify for a SPIB grade-marking license, a mill must have well established credentials in the manufacturing, seasoning, and grading of Southern Pine lumber, as well as prove its efficiency in conforming with the basic provisions of the American Lumber Standard. It must maintain these standards in everyday practice in order to retain this right.

The SPIB grade-mark has acquired a reputation for integrity which has built consumer confidence in Southern Pine lumber products. This is the result of efficiency on production lines, and above all, consistent, proficient performance by lumber graders. Appearance of these grade-marks constitutes a guarantee by the manufacturer that their Southern Pine lumber product has been properly manufactured and otherwise meets the grade requirements of the SPIB rules. The benefits of SPIB's programs extend not only to subscribers to the Bureau, but to all other manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of Southern Pine lumber.

Thorough grader training, education, and supervision are the big factors behind the integrity of the SPIB grade-mark. SPIB field personnel initiate and train the grading personnel of subscriber mills, whose subsequent progress and performance is periodically evaluated.Through our periodic audits of the mills, the buyers can be assured that they are getting their money's worth, and receiving the type and quality of lumber required.

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