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The SPIB grade-mark is recognized as a sign of integrity within the industry. Application of these grade-marks represents assurance by the manufacturer that their Southern Pine lumber product is properly manufactured and meets the grade requirements of their customers, ensuring consumer confidence in Southern Pine lumber products.

The SPIB publishes grading rules under which 95% of the production of the entire industry is classified and sold and maintains an extensive training program in a classroom setting, on the web, and at the mills. SPIB is able to assist manufacturers achieve and maintain the quality that their customers require by employing highly qualified instructors.

To qualify for a SPIB grade-marking license, a mill must have verified credentials in the manufacturing, seasoning, and grading of Southern Pine lumber.

Each American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) certified agency has its own registered grade-mark. The grade-mark must contain the first four items listed below; the fifth item is optional.

Grademark Key

Dimension Lumber Grademark
Boards Lumber Grademark
Radius Edge Decking
Radius Edge Decking Lumber Grademark
Finish & Select
Finish and Select Lumber Grademark
Mechanically Graded Lumber
Mechanically Graded Lumber Grademark

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