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SPIB participates with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the American Lumber Standard Committee, and other approved grading agencies to audit lumber producers in the marking of heat treated products. This program provides the necessary documentation that heat treated Southern Pine lumber used in pallets, crates, boxes, etc., has reached a critical temperature at the core to eradicate the "Pinewood Nematode" and its vectors.

SPIB audit services can be provided to lumber producers who have already demonstrated that they can properly kiln dry Southern Pine lumber. In most cases, these producers already stamp their domestic lumber with KD stamps. Since a major portion of Southern Pine used in these applications may not be grade-marked (No. 3, – No. 4 mixed) EU countries have stated that all coniferous species must be heat treated for pasteurization prior to being used in packaging materials exported from the USA. This program requires the marking of each and every piece of lumber used in these applications with a "HT" (heat treated) mark which identifies the pasteurization process (kiln drying) and the location of the kiln facility.

In the absence of a special contract, exception or specification, Southern Pine glued lumber sold or bought under the SPIB Glued Lumber Procedures is also subject to the applicable provisions of the SPIB Standard Grading Rules.

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