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Disclaimer for Training Courses

You have been registered to take the in-person training courses made available by SPIB. You acknowledge, by registering for and completing the course that SPIB does not certify, warrant or represent that the completion of this Course or any other course provided by SPIB by you in any way certifies or qualifies you as a SPIB Lumber Grader or Inspector. This course and other courses provided by SPIB are solely for the purpose of providing you information and general training in the area of lumber grading and inspection and is in no way intended to certify or warrant that, as a result of your completion of the course, you are an SPIB licensed or certified Lumber Grader or Inspector. Furthermore, by taking and completing this Course, or any other course provided by SPIB you understand and agree that the completion of this Course, does not make you an agent, servant, employee or representative of Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and you agree that you will not hold yourself out to the general public as being an agent, servant or employee or representative of any capacity of Southern Pine Inspection Bureau.