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Since 1915, SPIB has provided grading rules, training, production surveys, and other services to ensure product integrity and build a sustainable future for the industry.

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The SPIB mark represents quality assurance and reflects our commitment to lead the industry in exacting standards, thorough training, and innovative application of advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of softwood lumber products.

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The Solution for Lumber Grader Training

SPIB eLearningIf you want to learn to grade dimension lumber, or if you just want to become more knowledgeable of the grading rules, the defects and characteristics of lumber, the terminology and theory of dimension lumber grading then this course is for you.

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SPIB Upcoming Training Courses

Date Published 08/24/2015

SPIB is pleased to announce three upcoming training courses. Each course will take place at the Hilton Pensacola Beach, Pensacola Beach, Florida. Dry Kiln Course This course is directed at the dry kiln operator and dry end supervisory personnel. It covers the basics of kiln drying, setting up schedules, troubleshooting kiln problems, preventative maintenance, and Continue reading..

Warp in Dimension Lumber

Date Published 07/20/2015

What is Warp? Warp is defined as any deviation from a true or plane surface, including bow, crook, cup, twist, or any combination thereof. Warp restrictions are based on the average form of warp as it occurs normally, and any variation from this average form, such as short kinks, shall be appraised according to its Continue reading..

Western Wood Services

Date Published 06/25/2015

SPIB is proud to announce that a new 3rd party inspection agency is open for business in the western U.S. Western Wood Services, a division of SPIB, has been established specifically to offer western treaters an option in inspection services for their residential treated wood products. Although WWS is a new venture, rest assured that it incorporates the Continue reading..