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Since 1915, SPIB has provided grading rules, training, production surveys, and other services to ensure product integrity and build a sustainable future for the industry.

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The SPIB mark represents quality assurance and reflects our commitment to lead the industry in exacting standards, thorough training, and innovative application of advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of softwood lumber products.

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The Solution for Lumber Grader Training

SPIB eLearningIf you want to learn to grade dimension lumber, or if you just want to become more knowledgeable of the grading rules, the defects and characteristics of lumber, the terminology and theory of dimension lumber grading then this course is for you.

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Grade-marks and Grading Agencies

Date Published 01/12/2016

This blog is the first in a series of articles intended to provide information about softwood lumber, including grade-marking, design properties, testing, and continued monitoring of the lumber resource. Lumber Grade-marks and Grading Agencies Lumber mills produce various sizes and grades of lumber suitable for structural use from a variety of tree species grown in Continue reading..

Drying Quality: The Importance of Proper Baffling

Date Published 11/12/2015

Baffles are an integral part of lumber drying.  They are used to close off all unwanted openings in the kiln.  Such openings are, over the top and underneath the stacks, and around the ends of the cars.  Air takes the path of least resistance.  So any openings in the kiln, the air will go there Continue reading..

Appearance and Quality of Dimension Lumber

Date Published 10/19/2015

Often end users of Dimension Lumber complain that lumber from different suppliers does not appear to be of the same quality. It may look better or worse, yet the packages bear the same grade mark. The lumber could be graded correctly; however there are indeed some factors that can influence the overall appearance of lumber Continue reading..